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Plumbing and Heating: Few Things to Remember to Prevent Pipe Bursting

Winter pipe bursts can be extremely annoying and expensive to repair. A water line may freeze and burst, causing a serious mess and requiring immediate attention. However, you can avoid this issue simply by educating yourself more about how to maintain those plumbing fixtures properly. Here are few simple and highly effective tips to ensure your pipes keep flowing smoothly.

  • Be very careful when using toilet paper. Experts have found that using too much toilet paper with inadequate flushing can lead to serious problems. It may clog your toilet pipes and require serious attention. Similarly, you will experience the same problem when flushing foreign objects. Pay attention to how your young children use the toilet. Do not let them use it the wrong way or else get ready to call in a plumbing and heating specialist for help.
  • Do not ignore any clogs in the kitchen. Fats can damage your kitchen pipes, especially those pipes underneath your sink – their curved shape makes them vulnerable to damage. Fatty materials may accumulate in that area, causing stubborn clogs to develop. Ensure that you do not let clogs go unnoticed. It is a good idea to use strainers in the sinks. Moreover, you need to ensure that you never dispose of cooking oils and grease through the drain. It is important to take precautionary measures, but you may eventually have some greasy soapy reside in those pipes. To keep them in top working condition, make a habit of running hot water for five minutes down those pipes at regular intervals. Doing it periodically will keep your pipes working just fine and you will not have to worry about pipe bursting.
  • Fix clogs in the bathtub in a timely manner. It is common to have blocked sink pipes because of hair and The same factors may lead to a blocked bathtub. It is a good idea to clean hair and soap regularly and do not let them accumulate. You should make use of a strainer to prevent clogs in the first place. Similarly, you should consider pouring boiling hot water down those pipes at least once a month to prevent serious issues. Remember, not removing hair and soap in a timely manner may lead to a blockage issue too big to be handled by you. If you have already clogged those sink pipes, call your plumbing and heating company for assistance.
  • Consider leaving a faucet running slowly when the temperature outside is very low. It may certainly be a waste of water, but keeping water running through the system may go a long way in preventing bursting pipes.
  • Consider directing warm air to pipes that are more likely to freeze. Most of these pipes are usually located outside a window or wall.
Understand that bursting pipes can create a serious mess, and if you do not take precautionary measures, you may eventually have to hire a plumbing and heating expert for assistance.

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