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Over Time, your lawn will need reseeding to gibe room for fresh grass to grow. Grass has a lifespan during which they flourish. Unfortunately, sometimes some agents contribute to its damage. When you try everything you can to boost the growth of the grass but still get undesirable results, it is time to think of reseeding. Before you begin the reseeding process, it is important to know the cause of the damage. Wheatgrassprofessional will help you identify the causes of the damage the remedy before you begin the reseeding process.

Some of the agents that cause harm to the grass on your lawn are;
  • Pests and insects
  • Frost
  • Chemical agents
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Exhausted grass due to age
The best time to reseed grass is during fall. However, it can still be done during the other seasons. There are many processes you can follow when it comes to reseeding. However, the most basic procedure is:
  • Cut the grass and loosen the soil
  • Depending on the damage, reseed the area with grass. Sometimes only a section of the lawn needs reseeding. Work on the area only if the rest of the lawn is still healthy. Otherwise it may be best to reseed in patches to give new grass the chance to grow at the same time all over the lawn. Even if you leave some old grass, the new one will boost the appearance of the old one.
  • Prepare mulch by mixing sand and turf. This should be a minimum of 0.5cm and a maximum of 1cm.
  • Water the grass regularly. By summer, your lawn will be lush and beautiful.
You do not have to exhaust the grass on your lawn to the point you see many patches of soil. It is normal for grass to be exhausted during its life time. Age of grass often affects the appearance of the lawn. It is no longer as green as it used to be. When this happens, do not wait until all the grass is gone. Simply begin the reseeding process early enough. You will soon reap the benefits of an early start. You will also get professional help should you feel your lawn is not responding despite your efforts to revamp it. You do not have to do all this alone, let the professionals help. With their guidance and knowledge, any challenges regarding your lawn will be overcome.

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