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3 Expert Tips To Design Your Small Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your safe place and a sanctuary. In an ideal scenario, it should be spacious enough to store items of a personalised nature, so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. But, in reality, ideal scenarios rarely come into fruition. 
Converting a room with limited square footage into a spacious area is a task filled with challenges. Mostly the overwhelming need for functionality and storage obliterates the desire for greater style. The end result: a room that appears lacklustre because of how cluttered it is. 

Expert interior designers often emphasise the need to include under the bed storage options through the implementation of classic space conserving solutions. But in this article, we will provide you with many more options to make your bedroom appear more stylish without compromising on functionality. Here are three of our best tips:

1. Hang It From the Ceiling
If your bedroom is small, you are working with limited surface area. By being a little creative you can take advantage of the highest vantage point in your room: your ceiling. If you hang decorative objects from your ceiling, you will be drawing the attention of your visitors higher, and at the same time you will free up a lot of room below. This will give your room an illusion of being bigger than what it actually is.

Another trick you can try is hanging pendant lights from the ceiling instead of bedside lamps. This will make your room appear more stylish and also make your room feel uncluttered and lighter.
Pendant lights are available in different styles and sizes. From delicate crystals to plainer glass orbs, you are presented with many options to turn your previously boring bedroom into a dazzling haven. Pendant lights with jewel like or cutwork openings will provide an illuminating glow to your room.
Alternatively, you could hang your drapes from the ceiling instead of using the wall located above the window. Hardware components for windows are usually designed keeping flexibility in mind. Therefore, consider moving the window bracket upwards, so that you can install it on the ceiling. The vertical lines of your drape along with its length will give off an illusion of greater height and at the same time make your room look more spacious.

2. Float It on a Wall
Even a couple of pieces of large furniture can make your room feel cramped. One great way of creating additional space in such a situation is by floating some pieces of furniture on the wall. This will also give your room an airier appearance. Such an arrangement gives the impression that your furniture just merges into your wall. This way you can make your room look more streamlined.
Small dressers or bedside tables (basically any storage furniture) can also be fastened to the wall of your bedroom. Such installations will afford you with more space for storage. If you have not hired a contractor to mount furniture, then definitely at least consult one before you carry out the project. It is important to ensure that your wall can bear the additional weight. Additionally, you need to be sure that you are using the right wall anchors and support for this arrangement.

3. Feature Your Bed Wall
Irrespective of its size making your bed the primary focus point of your room can be fun. This can be especially useful in a small bedroom as it adds some personality to your room and at the same time the attention of your visitors will be directed towards the design feature instead of the actual dimensions of your room.

You could try numerous different things to be creative with your bedroom wall. Wall paper, featured paint colour or even a mural can be a cost effective yet stylish solution for your room. If you are looking to provide a personalised feel to your bed, you can create a gallery of artwork on the wall above it. A headboard can be another cool option worth considering.

If you are enamoured with our headboard idea, you could also try using a decorative element, something that is not traditionally associated with a bedroom. An ornamental wall divider than can stay affixed flat, decorative window shooters (preferably wooden) or a creatively painted iron panel are all great options worth considering in such a situation. Ensure that you use oversized or large pillows and place it ahead of such an installation or alternatively, hang it where it can’t touch your head.

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