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The Five Remarkably Innovative Construction Materials

The vast construction industry is going through several beneficial transformations and that too at a considerable speed as per the latest studies. Manufacturers have ultimately agreed to leave behind the age-old practices and master the techniques of utilising virtual reality, building information model, drones, etc. The products created as a result are simply phenomenal and have found wide applications in a number of important domains such as food & beverage, petrochemicals, mining, marine, electrical stations, sewage treatment plants, public recreational infrastructure, etc.

In the following write-up, I have chalked down names of a few exceptionally innovative materials, which have also contributed a lot in strengthening the construction industry. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

·        Transparent Wood
Huge slabs of wood are placed in a bath filled with boiling water, sodium hydroxide, and other kinds of chemicals for at least two hours. Doing so extracts lignin present inside the wood’s cell walls compelling it to lose colour and turn white. The wood is then soaked in epoxy resins, which reinforces and makes it transparent.

·        Cool Bricks
Certain highly efficient professionals have combined hydrogel along with clay while making the bricks because it would make them exceptionally cooler and provide them the capability of absorbing huge amounts of water. Now these bricks when used for erecting buildings would release the stored water and effectually reduce temperature, allowing people to live comfortably during the summer season.

·        Illuminating Cement
After much experimentation, a group of incredibly talented researchers have finally been able to fabricate illuminating cement or cement that generates light. The material tends to absorb light from the sun during daytime and releases it later at night. It supplies light without using any sort of electricity for almost about twelve hours. Illuminating cement quite successfully enhances safety quotient because pedestrians could tread without worrying about falling, slipping, or tripping even in dark.

·        Fibre-reinforced Plastic (FRP)
Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as fibreglass, has become a favourite of manufactures as the products made out of it such as pultruded FRP grating, cable instrumentation, handrails, stairnosing, panels, boardwalks, etc. are demanded in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Owing to beneficial characteristics such as light weight, resistance properties, amazing enduring capabilities, low conductivity, durability, and cost-effective nature, the material has managed to acquire extensive recognition all across the globe.

·        Self-Healing Concrete
The human body can heal itself over a period, after injuries,but can you imagine a non-living thing to do the same? Renowned professionals have fabricated self-healing concrete, which stands advantageous especially when a crack emerges. The material when broken could be adjoined in a seamless manner by simply heating the pieces inside an oven. Now isn’t that simply great!

Even though there are several other innovative construction materials, the ones specified above are most popular. In case you wish to purchase any, conduct a comprehensive research, seek specialized recommendations, and rely upon a trusted provider, who assures quality along with affordability. 

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