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Why buy cruelty-free

It might be obvious to most folks why you should buy cruelty-free, yet do you know what dirty little secrets are conceal behind animal cruelty? Below I've pinpointed some of the misconceptions around animal cruelty and listed some less-obvious reasons for why you should ditch your traditional cosmetics and cleaning products to make room for animal-friendly options instead.

1. Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Are Less Harmful
This statement is definitely true. Due to the fact that the components utilized by cruelty-free brands have been tested otherwise for safety, you're way less likely to slab a product on your skin that is going to have any side effects. In addition to this, several cruelty-free brands offer eco-friendly products free from hazardous chemicals. This indicates that the product you're placing on your body is all-natural, and also doesn't contain a bunch of chemicals you cannot even pronounce.

2. Cruelty-Free Brushes Are Way Cleaner
Do you utilize any type of make-up brushes that are made from pet hair? The fact is, those brushes are nurturing lots of bacteria as a result of the framework of the hair. Those brushes trap oil as well as dead skin cells and also type microorganisms. They're more difficult to clean thoroughly. Simply put, they're filthy no matter how you clean them. Makeup brushes made from artificial hair, on the other hand, are more sanitary and easier to clean. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it's particularly crucial to ensure that your brushes are entirely tidy to not exacerbate skin problems.

3. You Can Support Indie Brands or Local Services
It's rather awesome to be able to support regional services and also independent brands. There are many hand-made, hand-crafted, top quality cosmetics business out there. Rather than purchasing your soaps and shower gels from a company that mass-produces, give those indie brands a try. You might be pleasantly surprised by their pure ingredients, skin advantages, and also their personal touch. If you wish to have a look at a really remarkable indie brand that makes the most natural dish soap there is then you must try Yaya Maria's. It's the only 100% nontoxic dish soap that actually works and you can find out more about this brand here.

4. Tests include all kinds of animals
If you assume that lab rats are the only animals being used, think again. Mice, guinea-pigs, rabbits, canines, cats, and even primates are commonly made use of during such procedures. Many of them have to suffer for cosmetics screening. And also if you think that these tests are as pain-free as a needle prick, you're absolutely incorrect. Animal tests cause severe pain and also distress. There's also no such thing as pain-free animal testing. Of course it hurts!

Summa summarum
The fact is that animal screening hurts and remains unnecessary. By supporting brands that don't test on animals, you're able to encourage the firms that are making an actual difference. It's better for you as well as the animals. There's no reason not to change.

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