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Get the details of whirlpool washing machine

Whirlpool is an American multinational company. It is the manufacturer of home appliance. It must be noted that it is the first company to manufacture any smart home appliances. It is more than 100 year old, as it was established in 1911. It took more than 100 years to grow widely all around the world.  There was a rapid growth in whirlpool as it was the only company to manufacture any home appliances. It was also the first company to manufacture washing machine, though earlier it was named as motor- driven wringer washer. The basic work of it was to wash the clothes. Along with whirlpool washing machine, other smart home appliances have covered wide area in world market. More than 87 countries are using it products and it has it manufacturing units in more than 69 countries.

New features in whirlpool washing machine

Whirlpool washing machines come with various features. Earlier washing machines didn’t have the features of spinning the clothes after washing it. Basically the spinning feature of the machine partially dries the clothes; so that it can easily dry. This feature is available in all whirlpool washing machines. Another reason for whirlpool growing so widely is the pricing feature of the product. The prices of the whirlpool washing machine are set at an affordable price. The minimum price level is approx rupees 10,000 and the maximum is above rupees 1, 00,000, the price varies along with the features of the machine.

Washing machines price list of top 3 companies.

LG is at the top among the 3, here goes its price list:

·       LG T8577TEELX, it has the loading capacity of 7.5 kg. It is fully automatic machine, with top loading feature. It is available at rupees 24,000.

·       LG FHOH3NDNL02 is also fully automatic, it is available at rupees 24,500 with the holding capacity of 6 kg and has front loading capacity.

Whirlpool is on the 2nd number, here goes its price list:

·       Whirlpool stain wash ultra is among the best seller of whirlpool. It has the loading capacity of 6.2 kg. It is fully automatic machine and is available at rupees 16,000.

·       Whirlpool 360 degree bloom wash ultra is available at rupees 23,000. It is fully automatic and has top loading facility. It has the holding capacity of up to 7.5 kg.

Then is the samsung at number 3rd, here goes its price list:

·       Samsung WW60M206LMW is available at price 22,000. It is fully automatic and has the capacity to hold 6 kg of weight. 
·       Samsung WA60H4100Y, the holding capacity is of 6 kg. It is fully automatic and the market price is 15,000.

The washing machine price list of top 3 brands, this will help you to find the machine of your choice. Washing machine is durable goods so while buying it one must buy the washing machine which has the entire latest feature.

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