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5 Sure Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Space With Retaining Walls

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a retaining wall? Oh Yes! It’s the best tool for retaining dirt outdoors, right? Actually, it mainly prevents erosion and addresses elevation issues.

However, these retaining walls are the perfect multi-purpose landscaping tools, which have many more uses.

Over the years, engineers, architects, builders, developers, and designers have depended on retaining walls to make stadium seats, manage sloping structures, or even provide more useable space.

According to Scott Arnold, a landscape specialist, more house owners are gradually discovering that retaining walls are perfect for making functional outdoor features.

Also, the retaining walls are quite easy to install, which is a pertinent feature for do-it-yourselfers and professional landscapers.

Thus, we’d be showing you 5 sure ways to improve your outdoor space with retaining walls. Keep reading to find out.

Dump the Deck

A perfect low maintenance option to replace old wooden decks is the combination raised patios constructed with retaining walls. This combination requires minimal and continuous maintenance.

When retaining walls are combined with stairs, they connect the patio to your yard and home.

This gives your outdoor a unique, spacious, and beautiful feel with a patio that requires little maintenance, which gives a clearer backyard view.

An Attractive Seating System

Retaining walls are usually a great option for making durable outdoor seating both on a large and small scale.

It creates a beautiful outdoor feel from 2-tiered seat walls to freestanding walls that also doubles as seating.

Authentic retaining walls can be used to make a curved couch seating area easily that functions well around the fire pit for autumn evenings and a patio.

The Perfect Place For Plants

Retaining walls built with planters and tree rings around it, creates an organized area, especially around areas that are hard to maintain, such as problematic spots and areas with shallow-rooted trees.
Apparently, tree rings and planters can act as a functioning space for vegetables, perennials, herbs, and annuals.

Thus, retaining walls can be of great use in making planter walls that are up to 4-feet long without having to use geogrid reinforcement.

The retaining walls can also act as a plantable wall system that imitates a hanging garden, which offers an attractive living wall resolution.

Create a Beautiful Backyard

If your home has an unmovable backyard with a relatively small or no yard space, there is no secure way to access your fire pit at the top of your garden, or you’re consistently facing an erosion problem, then the retaining walls are what you’d need.

With the retaining walls, you can excavate a beautiful and cozy backyard whilst creating tiers alongside seat walls and patio landings.

Apparently, the retaining walls will allow you to have a useable backyard space that comes with a secure access to a large planting area for perennials.

Produces a Curb Appeal

Retaining walls can act as a solid barrier to safeguard your lawn from any sort of damage from plowing, deicing or even tire tracks, especially when the driveway meets the yard.

Such an arrangement also adds space enough for the shrubs and plants in your yard. Thus, retaining walls are used to produce columns, which are usually blended with any classy home to add a curb appeal.

The Final Words

No doubt, making use of retaining walls in your yard is for sure an excellent way to enhance the outdoor space of your home or environment.

Thus, you must ensure to make the right decisions when choosing the perfect retaining wall that best suits your need.

Also, a professional and experienced installer will go a long way for you.

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