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4QT: India’s leading real estate ERP software providers that are helping people


1.      4Qt is the best ERP software for real estate in India as because this is the leading real estate ERP software provider since 2001.
2.    4Qt is developing a world-class software solution to help out people in managing their business.
3.     4QT is working since 2001 for helping the people in different types of business management.
4.  4QT management software is user-friendly that means it helps the users with the art functionalities and with a comprehensive set of features.

How this 4QT (ERP software provider) helps in leading management?

1.    This 4Qt software provider manages all the appointments of the people with the real estate managers or the leading managers.
2.     This gives the people appointment alerts and appointment reminders through emails, messages or SMS.
3.     These 4 quarter technologies are totally cloud-based or on campus ERP solutions that help out people in the different type of ways.
4.      This software helps in completing the 360 degrees analysis of projects source wise, manager wise etc. This is how 4Qt helps in leading management.

The ERP software that; is offered to the real estates by these 4 Quarter technologies are: Real estate CRM and ERP, Human Resource and Payroll management, Facilities Management, Financial Accounting management, and commercial rental and lease management.

What do the 4 Quarter technologies process for quality and user friendly product design, development and implementation involves? The 4 Qt involves the following things that are mentioned below:

1.   First of all, they develop a list of strategic initiatives that are going to be implemented.
2.   Then they maintain a detailed blueprint that is having a flexible and scalable architecture.
3.  Then there is adoption, development, and integration of advanced technology into the client’s business.
4. After all the above-mentioned steps are done these software solutions help to improve the business performance of the people.
5.   After this, core systems are successfully implemented and integrated as they are required by the clients. This is how 4QT process for quality and user friendly product design, development and implementation.

What do you understand by real estate CRM software India? CRM software is software that is used out by people for managing the details of the clients properly. The details maintained are not passed to the third party or any third person. All the information is maintained in a safe and secure manner.

·           Pre-sales management of CRM software:

1.  It manages all the appointments properly and safely.
2.  It manages all the MIS reports.
3.  It gives emails and marketing campaigns.
4.  It is a centralized customer inquiry platform.
5. Pre-sales management handles Construction Management, Inventory Management, Broker Management, and Customer Enquiry Management.

·           Post-sales management of CRM software:

1.    It manages all Villas, Hirise Apartments and Plot Layout Projects.
2.     It has an advanced feature of handling everything from the customer application.
3.    It gives an automated service tax, VAT and interest calculations.
4. Post-sales management handles Billing, Collection, Recovery and Advertising Management.

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