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Semi Moving: Staying in a Vacation House

Moving with the family on vacation during winter or any other time of the year is something every member of the family look forward to. Travelling is fun especially when you travel in group. But there is a lot of things to do before you hit the road which can nearly almost take out the fun of the whole experience.

After deciding on where you and the rest of the pack will be visiting this time around, you would need to find a suitable vacation house assuming you are visiting a place where you don’t have a house or relatives. You can check online for available short lets that would be suitable for you and your family during the period of your stay.


What you need to Pack for a Short Vacation

Once you have chosen a suitable accommodation, you would need to determine what you would be taking along with you if you are going to be away for a few weeks, you would need to pack more compared to when you are just going out for a couple of days. You would each need to pack a suitcase and chances are that you won’t need a lot of boxes. 

You would be taking with you personal items such as clothes, shoes, laptops, camera and a few toys for the kids. You need to decide on whether you would be cooking at home or eating out during the course of stay. This is so you know whether you would need to pack along food stuffs or shop on arrival.

Finding a Means of Transportation

You could move with a personal car or mini-van, that’s if it can pack all that you need for the trip, otherwise you would have to settle for a van or semi-truck depending on what you would be moving. If you would be traveling a long distance, you would want to make sure that the vehicle is not over-packed to avoid damage to valuables and also so everyone can be comfortable throughout the journey.

You would have to take care of some expenses such as buying boxes and plastic wrappings and to hire a van if you don’t have one. If you would be moving with pets, you also want to make sure that you make adequate arrangement for them. Don’t forget to pack their litter boxes and meal bowl. Also remember to take a first aid kit for emergencies.

Before you Move
If you would be moving with fragile items, you want to make sure that you wrap them properly with soft materials to cushion them thus protecting them from damage during the course of driving. You could hire a mini-van or semi-trunk if you don’t own one to help you move for your vacation. Before you leave the house, don’t forget to take out the trash and ensure that all windows are shut. 

You also want to check the attic and roof to ensure that there is no leakage to avoid any surprises when you return from your trip. Inform friends and neighbours that you would be away for a while and also leave them with a means to reach you in case there is an emergency when you are away.

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