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Staging a house for a sale

Homeowners stage houses for sales. The idea behind the action is that it allows buyers to envisage the space as their own, making them more amenable to buying the property. When the house is lived in, it makes staging pretty simple. How does one stage an empty house for a great sale?

After all, while an empty house is great to understand the dimensions of the house, not having furniture there can often be detrimental because it may come across as cold. A simple thing to dois to reach into your storage unit. A storage unit is an ideal place to rent for all your belongings. From precious paintings to the old rusted childhood toy, self storage Baton Rouge can hold everything. You may find some treasures that you can use in staging your house. Think of the storage unit to store the stuff you want to put away, when you stage the house. Either way, this is a sensible idea to explore.

The question now is how to stage a shell of a house. For starters, talk up the house. Explain how an empty house has its advantages. A sense of space is primary. Inserting their own furniture in the space is the other. Remember, you can oversell or undersell the same feature of your house. You need to decide how you want to play this.

If this is not an option, then stage an empty house wisely. While there’s not much furniture per se in the bathroom or the kitchen in an empty house, it is still always wise to have a sparkling clean space. In case the buyer wants to use the facilities, he or she will appreciate a clean bathroom with fixtures in place. In the bathroom, invest in some sweet-smelling potpourri and keep a hand sanitizer, toilet paper and liquid soap handy. Make sure you have a box of tissues or a bunch of towels in place. Make sure you replace used stock as and when the need arises. The kitchen can also give people a sense of warmth and belonging. A vase of flowers on the kitchen counter, a dishcloth, even a colourful jar or two can go a long way.

If you have decided to furnish the home, focus on rooms that matter the most and either borrow or rent furniture. Pay special attention to the living room- this is the first space the seller will see and you need to make a good impression. Do away with the bean bags and string chairs. Get classy furniture, some scented candles, throw rugs, a lamp or two to add character to the room.

Furnish one bedroom so the buyer has an idea of what can be done with a room of those dimensions. Make sure the bed spread is colourful, the curtains are drawn back or closed, depending on the time of the day and the weather and the other pieces of furniture are well-upholstered.

The garden and the area around the house need to be well-maintained and clean too. Remember, the buyer notices everything. Leave no stone unturned.

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