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Telltale Signs That Your Roof May Be Leaking

As a homeowner, one of your biggest nightmares is How to spot water damage on your roof. It's actually more common than you think. Most households would suffer from this kind of dilemma, and many are unsure of what to do next.

The first logical thing that comes in mind is to call a professional roofing company. This is indeed the best option but how can detect where the problem comes from? What other underlying causes may have triggered leaks from your roof?

It’s time to get into your investigative mode. The thought that there is something up with your roof can leave you unsettled. It helps when you find out where the problem is coming from. Check out some simple signs below that can tell you if something sinister is happening with your roof.

Warnings That Tell You, Your Roof Is Not Okay

It’s easy to say that you need to educate yourself on How to spot water damage on your roof, but it can also get very confusing. Pay attention to things like water stains on your ceiling and missing shingles for a start, and you may be on to something.

Warning #1 Check For Water Spots On The Ceiling

Water spots on the ceiling can easily tell you that there’s a leak. Slower leaks, however, are harder to find since you need to locate its origin. Usually, slower leaks come from an original opening that may or may not be nearby. A simple inspection from professional roofing companies can help you with this problem.

Warning #2 Check For Water Spots On Wall Exteriors

Damage to the step flashing gives way to water spots on the walls. The step flashing is the section where the roof meets the wall. In most cases, a loose or rusty step flashing is the cause. The best way to handle this is to replace it entirely.

Warning #3 Check Your Floors

Floors can also give away if you have water leaks from the roof. Check for any warping or buckling on the floors. Water causes the warping as well as white or dark stains on wooden floors. You can also check if the carpets are damp or if there is a smell of mold from them.

Warning #4 Check For Any Cracking Or Blistering Shingles

When your roof has old shingles and loose granules, they become more exposed to direct sunlight. This makes the roof brittle and gives the home little to no protection at all. UV rays also damage the shingles and contribute to their brittleness. Given that roof has become weak, water leakage and roofing system damages are inevitable.

Warning #5 Check The Attic (If You Have One)

The attic is the closest layer of your house to the roof. If there are any leaks, then it would be on your attic. Mold and stains are easy signs of a, and they are the ones you need to check first. When your roof has vents and chimneys, you need to check at their flashing. Look into the insulation and make sure that it is dry and in perfect condition. Most houses that stay in cold climates tend to develop ice dams on the roof. These ice dams are responsible for causing leaks from the melting snow and ice.

When you find ways on How to spot water damage on your roof, don't wait until the problem worsens. Contact a roofing company as soon as possible. Once you leave the problem alone, it can do more roofing damage, and you might end up paying more for repairs.

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