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Skip hire and assist a senior to declutter

The elderly have a lot of stuff that they have collected over the years; all this stuff may not be rubbish since some of the things hold special and close memories that they have experienced throughout the years. You can order skip services and get the best clearabee to put all your rubbish. A clearabee is needed when you have too much rubbish, and you want a bigger container than the dustbin to put. Contacting skip hire services ensure that you get enough space to put all the rubbish after you have cleaned the house.

Tips on how to declutter a senior’s home

• Approach the subject tactfully

The elderly are a bit sensitive when it comes to all their old things, and they are not open to change. It would help if you approached the idea of cleaning out the rubbish with a tactic, try selling them the idea of why they need to clean their homes. Show them the benefits of having a cleaner house and let them know that their stuff can help people who need them. The tactic is to use their humane side and sell them on donating some of the things they rarely use.

• Understand the root of the clutter

Most of the elderly don’t pile up clutter on purpose; they often have a problem with organisation. Sometimes it could be because they have mobility problems and can’t move and organise their places. In a different scenario, it could be that they are attached to all the stuff in their house and this makes it hard for them to let go.

• Assess their home

If you are planning on helping the elderly declutter their home you need to assess their place. Decide on what you need to donate, throw away and what you need to keep. Having a lot of clutter can cause accidents by overcrowding and blocking the passageways. Additionally, they can cause health issues if they hide the mould on the floors and the walls. Breathing in mould air can cause you to have asthma and allergies. Figure out how much clutter they have and if they need skip hire or you can use the dustbins in the house. Separate the rubbish and choose what to donate, what to throw away, and what to keep. Ensure that you keep some of the most sentimental stuff, things they associate the most in the house vidmat app.

• Reach out for help

When you are cleaning an elderly person house, you need to ask for help since they have a lot of clutter. Ask the person you helping to label some of the things they want to keep and those that are not sentimental they can choose to donate. You can use Clearabee to collect the rubbish you want to throw away and keep the homes less cluttered.

• Make a new organisation system

There is no point of cleaning and then leaving home without an organised system to follow. If you leave the house with no order, you will find that the house is still cluttered after a few days. Show them how to organise and find everything following a simple system. Label everything they use daily as this will make it easier for them to see.


You can skip hire and get their services and the most quality skips; this will help you clean out very fast. Skip hire services is offered for 24 hours and once you have ordered any skips from them, you will receive them on the same day.

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