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Choose GoodNJ Movers If You Want a Carefree Moving

There are more than 300 licensed moving companies in the state of New Jersey and over 650 in total. With just a little over 9 million people, we can say that this is a respectable number of movers in this state.

You probably won't move every year to know everything about the moving business. Most people in the US move around 11 times in their lifetime. Knowing that the average lifetime of Americans is around 79 years, it means that you'll probably move every 7 years. This is a long time in the industry and many things change. Some companies disappear and new one arises. That's why you need good research before you choose the right company.

In New Jersey, you can find movers for different prices and with different offers. From packing everything in your house and moving to another location during the weekend to a one person help while you do most of the work. It's up to you to decide what fits your needs the most.

What you must know before hiring

The most important thing the company you hire must have is a license for work. You can't afford to hire someone that won't accept responsibility for losing some of your belongings or damaging them while transferring. Licensed companies are run by serious people who will offer signing a contract and will give you a firm guarantee that everything will be done without a problem. This won't happen with unlicensed movers.

Another thing is the location. Always look for some local moving companies as they will do a good and fast job. Hiring a company from another state will probably get the job done, but every inconvenience and problem will be much harder to solve. The locals know the terrain, can act fast, and you can contact their base in minutes if needed.

A very important thing you can't forget before deciding which moving company you'll hire is reviews. With today's way of life and people connecting with each other online, you can find everything about everyone. There are more social networks offering this option and there are many moving websites that rate the movers based on the comments of their customers.

Web pages with ratings and comments are essential in finding the best pick. Previous customers of the movers leave their thoughts online and are available for you. Look for bad reviews. More similar bad reviews mean that company has a problem in a certain segment. For example, if more people said that the movers were late, and time is essential for you, then you know you shouldn't hire these guys.


To hire the best moving company in NJ, you need to find the one that is licensed, that is close to you, and there are enough good reviews online for them. That's it. Movers usually have different packages that you can choose from, so just agree on the details with the management and have a few days off until they do their job.

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