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Easy Steps to Get Rid of Houseflies

The houseflies are most annoying especially when you try to get a little head on with the fan or a siesta and a few seconds you notice flies flying around with their buzzzzzzz noise. Some even fly on you, tickling you even as you try to forget the heat a little. Flies multiply in our homes when the temperature rises. It might seem to you at times that you are living in the jungle and not in the city.
Besides, they are very annoying, and you have to exterminate these annoying insects. However, you might not need to kill them, but at least frighten them away from your dwelling place as possible. The use of insecticides, which are expensive, full of chemicals and stink our homes do not permeate them from all our belongings. So the following home-based tricks will help you get rid of houseflies, no need to kill them and let you continue living in peace.

The Cents Technique Inside a Bag With Water

You only need 4 cents. It is very cheap to make this home fly repellent. Put four centimes of your country coins in a simple bag, which are coins of copper, hermetic type. The typical one that is used for frozen or that is used to store sandwich in school time. The flies will be frightened to see a mass of water shining, thanks to the reflection of the sun on the coins. You can hang this on your terrace, in a tree, or in your kitchen where you get the sun.

Repellent of Flies Based on Citronella and Coconut Oil

This is ideal for use in a typical dinner of tranquility and enjoyment, meals at home. Take a small container, fill it with coconut oil and pour a few drops of Citronella oil into it (about 20-30 drops). Mix it well. Then place the boats of the container on the table and enjoy a 100% fly free evening.

The Cotton Trick, Vanilla Extract and Mint

Grab two pieces of conventional cotton and put them in the bottom of a jar or a container, just the same way we grow vegetables in our school. Now pour over four tablespoons of vanilla extract, add the fresh mint on top and before closing the cover of the container with cheesecloth. The apply this next to your fresh fruits or vegetables. It will prevent flies from coming to rot your food.

Using Garlic, Cinnamon, and Cayenne Pepper

Mix all these spices in one together, and you will get a natural anti-insecticide powder that you can place through the opening of your windows and doors. This will also help you get rid of bugs from the garden or street. In addition, you can also use a flytrap. To prepare a flytrap, mix apple cider vinegar and some dish soap in a mason jar. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a fermented apple juice mixture, and when you add the dish soap, the surface tension of the liquid will be broken, and the flies will sink as soon as they touch it.

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