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How to Prolong the Life of Your Outdoor Furniture

Maintaining outdoor furniture pieces in your swimming pool area can be a tedious job. Outdoor furniture items like those made of timber and teak can easily break down if not taken care of, which is why it is important to know a detail or two about their maintenance.

Since you want your pool area to look elegant, you would want to keep it clean and presentable, not discounting proper outdoor furniture maintenance. You don’t have to be a furniture expert to be able to take care of your outdoor furniture. If you are not very familiar with outdoor furniture maintenance, you may want to consider doing the tips and reminders provided below.

1.      During rainy or snowy days, you would want to store your outdoor chairs and industrial breakfast bar stools inside in your storage room. It is suggested to stack them first before storing in order to save space. While outdoor chairs were designed to weather the rain and snow, they may easily get broken down if left outside for a long time. Outdoor chairs may be subjected to wear and tear, which is why it is better to store them when it is raining or snowing.

2.      Covered daybeds are quite expensive so you would want to protect them from the rain or snow. It is suggested to bring them out only when they will be used. If it is the winter season, it is not recommended to use them because they may get covered with snow. They are not also advisable to be used during rainy days because they may easily get soaked with rain water, compromising their quality and durability.

3.      If you have outdoor cushions and you want to leave them for long period of time, make sure that they made with waterproof foam otherwise they can easily catch molds. Also, if you leave them under the sun for long period of time, they can go hard and crumbly.

4.      Timber outdoor furniture pieces are quite sensitive to wear and tear. In order to maintain their quality, it is recommended to regularly clean them and to re-oil them every six months. Re-oiling timber furniture will prevent it from turning grey. The silvery grey color in timber furniture items is a result of long exposure to sun and rain.

5.      If you are living in a high-rise apartment or condominium and you are planning on purchasing outdoor furniture, you would not want to buy lightweight pieces. Lightweight furniture items like those made of plastic or PVC are not recommended to be displayed in high wind areas. Lightweight materials can get easily blown by strong wind, making them risky to use. If you want to place furniture items in a high wind area, you would want to invest on sturdy and heavier pieces.

6.      Plastic outdoor furniture items are relatively easy to maintain. If you are planning to buy plastic furniture pieces, you may want to get those with black color. Experts say that plastics with black color are the most resistant to UV, which make them not prone to fading. Meanwhile, red and yellow plastic furniture items are most sensitive to UV and are prone to fading. While white plastic furniture pieces are not prone to fading, they may easily catch noticeable dirt.

7.      Outdoor furniture can easily catch dirt, dust, and even bird droppings so in order to keep them clean and organized, you would want to regularly hose them down. If you leave outdoor furniture without cleaning them, they can easily develop molds.

Maintaining and protecting your furniture like industrial breakfast bar stools can be done easily if you know the details and tips like those mentioned above. You don’t have to complicate things but just make it a habit to clean them regularly.

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