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Best methods to Choose a robot vacuum cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaners realize a real dream: no longer need to vacuum! A robot vacuum cleaner moves alone in your home, and sucks and sweeps the dust. It requires little attention, although sometimes it takes time to understand how it works and how to fix it. Robotic vacuums Compare Roomba Models usually use a combination of rotating and suction brushes: the brushes bring dust back to the center of the vacuum cleaner and then store it in the dust bin.

Robot vacuum cleaner buying guide

Dimensions and Weight:

You will not have the choice of dimensions, since almost all robot vacuum cleaners are discs of diameter between 34 and 36 cm, with a height of 8 to 11 cm. Because of their shape, they have trouble cleaning the corners of the rooms (although some are equipped with side brushes for this).

If you want the robot vacuum cleaner to clean under your furniture, check that it is not too big and compare its size with the available space: it can be played to the centimeter!

The weight is also not a determining factor, since all robot vacuum cleaners weight between 3 and 4 kg, and you will not have to wear them or pull them like a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning efficiency

Robotic vacuums clean the floors by most often using the combined action of one or more rotating brushes and a small section (30 to 40 W). The last generations are beginning to have more powerful aspirations, which are effective on carpets and rugs. For more information see the article on the operation of robot vacuums.

Some robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters or even UV lamps to eliminate allergen particles and ensure a high level of filtration.

Tank capacity

The capacity of the dust tanks is limited: between 0.25 to 0.6 L in general. The smaller this value is, the more it will require you to empty it regularly. It is therefore very important, to avoid the maintenance is difficult, to choose a model whose dust tank can withdraw and empty easily.


The accessories are more or less numerous according to the range of the robot vacuum cleaner.
Virtual wall and remote control

One of the most important is the virtual walls, which serve to delimit zones of displacement. There is usually 1 (entry-level) to 3 (high end), and it is possible to buy Compare Roomba Models  others. The virtual walls delimit zones that the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to cross, or that will only open once the part being cleaned. Some brands offer magnetic tapes to fix the ground, which play the same role but are more difficult to move.

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