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Escape the Summer Heat With These Home Roofing Tips

When it comes to providing shade from the sun’s rays, there are many things that come to mind. One of them are the metal roofing that we see at restaurants, cafes, and in other establishments, not to mention residential areas.

 These don’t just provide shade for any outdoor space, but they also accentuate the environment where they are installed. Coming in numerous types, colors, and styles, they are strong enough to withstand heat and rain. Another thing that comes to mind is the outdoor umbrellas that are likewise found in the premises mentioned above. Like awnings, these are perfect additions to homes and businesses as they cover up outdoor areas of any size.

While these two shade providers are commonly preferred among homeowners and business owners alike, there have been alternatives to them that are available in the market. One of them is the so-called sail shades, which, like the awnings and outdoor umbrellas, protect people from direct sunlight. What makes these devices unique, however, is how they are installed. Unlike awnings and umbrellas that come with frames with tensioned canvas or fabric, shades sails are merely just membranes shaped like the sail of a boat or ship. Often easy to install, these only require three to four anchor points, usually poles, for them to be spread out over a small or large outdoor area. The membranes are tensioned and held together on the poles or any anchor point with the use of a pulley system or a turnbuckle.

Usually found in playgrounds and in certain areas for public or private functions metal roofing has since been popular alternatives for awnings and/or outdoor umbrellas because of their ease of setup and rather simplistic design and aesthetics. In the market today, roller shutters come in different patterns, shapes, colors, and sizes. More importantly, thanks to today’s technology, the materials for the membrane or the fabric of the shade sails are treated and designed to endure the heat coming from direct sunlight. In fact, many manufacturers of roller shutters consider the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Nowadays, the shade sails’ canvas doesn’t only provide shade, but also keep the UV rays from penetrating through.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to purchase shade sails for your home or business, you can definitely see that they are beneficial for your outdoor areas. These are some of the benefits of having such devices:

·         Aside from the fact that they are easy to install and capable of providing shade, your shade sails can likewise allow your outdoor space to be well-ventilated. The same can be said for awnings and outdoor umbrellas, but sail shades intensify the cool feeling while you are under the shade. This makes any of outdoor activity enjoyable.

·         The shape of the sail shades when spread out and attach to anchor points makes them pleasing to the eye. Add in the fact that they come in different colors and patterns makes them a great addition to your home in terms of outward appearance. If you own a business like a café or a restaurant, you can most definitely attract more customers because of the designs of the shade sails.

·         Maintenance of sail shades isn’t that much difficult. Unlike in awnings or outdoor umbrellas where you also have to check whether or not the frame is still in good working condition, you just have to clean up the fabric of the shade sails periodically and that’s it.

Indeed, shade sails are economical additions to your home or business, given their aesthetics and cost-efficiency. Made of high quality materials and can be installed easily and sturdily, these shade providers are truly long-term useful investments.

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