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How to brighten up your garden for this Spring

Spring is here! The clocks have gone forward and we are finally able to throw the windows open, leave the back door open and let the outside come in. Your garden has more than likely taken a bit of a battering over the winter months. Several storms, rain, wind and the lack of sunlight have all had their effects so now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get back out there and brighten up your garden ready for some fun family barbeques! Sprucing up your garden doesn't have to cost a lot of money and can be done by yourself. Pick a dry weekend and get to work! By breaking the work up into simple steps it will make it feel a lot less daunting.
It isn't just inside our homes that benefit from a good spring clean. A general tidy up can make the world of difference. First start by replacing any fence panels and posts that were broken in the storms. Patch up any paint work on the exterior walls, sheds, fences and doors with a suitable outdoor paint. Remember to throw away any broken toys or flower pots.
Next cut the grass and rake all those leaves that are left over from Autumn. If your grass is struggling after the winter then throw down some grass seeds on any patchy areas and water well. It only takes a few days for the grass seeds to take effect. When cutting your grass do not forget about the edges. Tidy edges make all the difference. Either invest in a strimmer or some large gardening shears.
If you have a bird bath then give this a wash with a very weak bleach solution, making sure to rinse it thoroughly afterwards and then add some clean water. The wildlife will thank you!
Next use a power washer, or washing up liquid and a hard bristle brush to clean your patio or decking area, not forgetting to pull up any weeds that have grown between any paving stones. You could also use a weed killer spray or if you would rather use something without chemicals then white vinegar is an excellent more natural option. Once the weeds have died simply pull them up. If you choose a damp day for weeding they will come up a lot easier! If any paving stones have gone green over the winter apply an algae remover to restore them to their original colour.
Remember to feed your borders and hedges with a good fertiliser and apply some mulch to help prevent any weeds from growing back and also helping the soil to retain its much needed moisture. If you have your own compost pile then use some of this for your borders to give them a new lease of life.
Next prune your late summer and early autumn flowering plants and roses. Be sure to make sure we have had the final frost before doing this though. Unexpected frosts can ruin any new shoots so don't be too eager and do it too early.
When you are starting to think of any plants you are wanting to start this year do not be afraid of trying bold colours. Contrary to popular belief you do not need to live in the Mediterranean for bright colours to look great. Reds, oranges and yellows bring a dazzling look with them and are pleasant to the eye. After the dreary grey colours of winter, bold colours are a welcome change and can have such a positive uplifting effect on anyone's mood.
Try planting some daffodils, pansies and tulips in your garden borders. These will flourish from March onwards and all look eye-catching when planted in abundance together.
Add some hanging baskets for an instant pop of colour and these also work well for those with smaller gardens when wanting to maximise your space.
Herb gardens can also add a decorative look whilst also being practical for the cooks in your house. Parsley, mint and chives are some simple examples to grow. If you have children then get them involved in the planting and growing aspect of your garden.
Add something extra to your garden by bringing different heights and textures together with taller plants such as the African Lily Agapanthus or a Topiary Spiral.
Potted plants brighten up patios and adding them either side of patio doors give a lovely welcome to your guests. Add extra pops of colour by painting your plant pots fun colours.
If you have a wooden pergola surrounding your patio or pathways then add some climbing vines like honeysuckle or wisteria to really accentuate it.
Once you have finished planting in all your borders add a layer of gravel over the soil. Not only does this create a polished finished look but it again helps to keep unwanted weeds at bay.
If you are thinking of replacing your patio furniture make sure to choose a set that is UV resistant to save the colour from fading in the bright sunlight that hopefully Summer will bring. Choose comfortable seating and a table big enough so that you can enjoy some al fresco dining. If you already have the perfect patio furniture then give it a wash to clean it up ready for use. If needed, give it a fresh lick of paint.
An easy and inexpensive way to add an instant ambience to your garden is to add some fairy lights or lanterns. There are lots of solar powered ones on the market now so you will not be adding to your utility bills and they really do give a finished look to your outside area. For a fun effect add some bunting too. The younger people in your household will love this!
You can also add a water feature. Self contained ones that you can just plug in and go are an easy option. They add a fun playful element that everyone will love. If you are waiting to bring some feng shui to your garden then place the water feature in the North of your garden to bring abundance into your life.
Get the whole family involved and it won't be long before your garden is spring ready!

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