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Popular TV Unit Design Inspirations to Choose From

Televisions are becoming elegant, stylish and slim so are their TV stands. 

With their sleek look and compact size, today’s TV units spruce up your entertainment area. Gone are the days when corner TV units or those made of wood were the only options to choose from. 

The right TV stand for your living room comes with enough shelves for your belongings. It is also equipped with shelves with doors or a few drawers to store your movies. So it is safe to say that today’s TV units are attractive and functional as well. 

There are plenty of TV stands to choose from. 

However, you need to choose the general design that can go well with your TV and the room. The design of any TV units will be all about the particular shape, structure and function that you will likely to use for years. Therefore, finding the right TV unit design is important. 

Here are some popular TV unit or entertainment unit designs to choose from. 

Open Shelving:

One of the most popular TV unit designs is the open shelving pattern. It is great for those who are looking for a simple setup, more space and showcasing an open visual element. Generally, it comes with a central frame that has more shelves and is equipped with a mounting bracket for the TV itself. 

Console Style:

The console design is known for its singular and holistic shape. It is equipped with useful shelving and massive surface area into a compact piece of furniture. Most models provide a rectangular structure and closed shelving. 


The cabinet TV stand gets the upper hand in many terms. First of all, it looks like the console models with closed cabinetry below an open surface upon which the TV rests. Besides, the drawers set remains below a fully enclosed large space where the screen can be covered when not in use. 


The floating TV units design is also getting popular. This is because it doesn’t occupy floor space as it is mounted on the wall. It is just like a wall-mounted cabinet. This way, your floor looks clean and spacious. A floating TV unit comes with shelving and cord concealment. You can have TVs stood on top or mounted them above the stand. 

Entertainment Centre:

The entertainment centre is larger than most TV stands, and comes with shelving or closed cabinetry for storing books, art pieces, and media. Having a unit that is designed to hold everything involved with watching TV shows and movies simply add to your overall viewing experience. 

Most entertainment centres are placed in highly visible areas of the home, such as a living room and family room. It also acts as the focal point (a thing that is created to attract attention) in the room. That’s why make sure the entertainment centre complements your interiors. Matching the colour shades and styles of your walls, furniture and other features are important to creating the warm, welcoming space. 

Well-designed entertainment units also conceal all of those cables and wire clutter that are connected to many electronic appliances such as Blue Ray Disc and gaming consoles. Even the expensive and sleek entertainment unit won’t be that impressive if it is not able to hide a bunch of cables and wires. 

You can also get it customized to your tastes, needs or space. Whether you need a smaller unit for the corner of a room or a wall to wall stand, a custom-made helps you achieve the entertainment centre you are looking for. 

Adding an electric firebox or fireplace that remains below the TV within the entertainment unit make the cabinet looks classier. 

Audio Towers Stand:

The TV stand being equipped with audio towers is a modular form that resembles most of the functionality and showcasing of an entertainment centre, with a pair of tall shelves bordering the central stand and TV itself. These tall shelves let you place speakers or any other equipment. 

So these are some popular TV unit designs to choose from. Make sure to choose the one that can go well with your space, design and the size of the TV. There is no use to buy an expensive one if it doesn’t meet your needs or you can get the most with a cheaper one. 

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below. 

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