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How to Priorities Rooms while Painting your Home?

Painting your home is a fun and exciting time. It's a least expensive way to spruce up any space. Besides, painting will make your living space reflect your personal style. However, it is also a time-consuming job that will interrupt your daily life. You have to move the furniture and won’t be able to access the most used spaces.
So, when planning to paint the entire house, it is an excellent idea to be strategic. It is best advised by painters Sydney to put together a checklist to prioritise the rooms for Interior home painting. That’s because, if done all at once, it can become tedious!

How to plan which Room gets painted first?
The plan should be prioritisation of the rooms in your home, from the most used to the least. This approach can allow you to live in the home with least interruptions even while the painting job is underway.

To help you prioritise the order of your rooms for painting, we have put together a checklist.

Bedroom and Bathroom:
Bedroom and bathroom are the areas in your home that are used day in and day out. When choosing to prioritise rooms for painting, without a doubt, these two rooms should top the list. By doing so, you will always have a place to stay and sleep while the rest of the house is being painted.

The Kitchen:
It is wise to move on to paint your kitchen once the bedroom and bathroom are painted. Plan accordingly to not to use the kitchen while it is being painted. This will speed up the process. Here are a few ideas for your family during this time:

  • Opt to eat all meals out for a day.
  • Stock up some ready to serve meals.
·         Plan to prepare and eat your food in the dining room.
You may feel like your life is put on hold, especially when the kitchen is under work. Fortunately, kitchen cabinetry and appliances will take up most of the spaces in the walls. Hence painting your kitchen won't take much time.

The Living Room:
This is definitely one of the important rooms in any home. Painting this room is not a small task as it requires moving a lot of furniture. However, the job will be easier if you paint the rooms in the above order as you will have a place to stay temporarily while your living room is being painted.

The Laundry Room:
Saving the laundry room for the last is a good idea. This room is generally smaller and can be painted quickly. Moreover, the laundry room is not a high-priority room like other rooms in your home. So there’s no rush in getting it painted. It is highly recommended to wash your clothes before the residential painters Sydney start to work in the laundry room.
If you are looking for professional painters, call CLP (Colour Life Painting) for exceptional and satisfactory services. And follow these tips to prioritise rooms for painting so that the interior painting project goes smoothly while also minimising household disruption.

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