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Kitchen Appliances That Are Perfect For Lockdown

This lockdown has been a difficult time for not only people who were job orientated but also household workers. We realised the worth of our domestic helpers that goes unnoticed and unvalued every day. But in their absence, as a solution for the Unresolved problem of cleaning the house or the dishes, there are some crucial appliances along with B58VT68H0B to take help during the lockdown. Thanks to technology, it is easier to get used to the new machines which make our work easier rather than getting messed up with office work as well as household chores. By making our lifestyle a little more convenient, we can reduce a lot of pressure from our shoulders.


Smart cooker


For efficient and effective cooking in no time, a smart cooker is always at the rescue. It is also known as a personal kitchen robot as it can be used to cook anything from simple dal to authentic mutton.


The feature of connecting it to Alexa and a customised smartphone app is what makes it unique. With the app, one can set timing as for when to start cooking and can navigate through several cooking programs and recipes. You can also rely on B58VT68H0B built-in oven along with added steam function.




Limited time and lots of chores is the mantra of the quarantine session. Dishwashers save a lot of time by letting technology do the work of washing. They consider shorter wash cycles to keep the utensils clean and bright.

It also comes with an additional basket and a drawer. The newly updated dishwasher comes with no background noise or sky-reaching electricity bill.


Frost-free refrigerator


Refrigerators have always been a place of joy to look for. Whether it's midnight craving or in between a video call conference, it's always convenient to grab a quick snack as it keeps the food fresh.

They have perfect temperature control and maintain a static cooling temperature throughout. Some of them are available with an alarm if the door is left open. It saves energy and electricity alone by keeping the fruit and vegetables fresh.


Mixer grinder


From making a paste of the smallest of the fruits and vegetables to making a juice, smoothie or protein shake, wonders can happen by a mixer grinder without making an effort to cut and make juice out of it physically.


Many of them come with a hassle-free cleaning facility of a drip-free spout along with a jar, carry sipper and a blend.


Smart coffee maker


Lockdown Morning hustle to sit for work can be irritating. On top of it Not getting the perfect cup of coffee can be deadly. The smart coffee maker comes handy for such a situation.


Carrying the look of a travel mug which is portable as well as smart. The connected app gives an opportunity to the person to choose from a wide range of coffee preferred. The device can make hot or cold coffee according to the preference.


The bottom line


With the advent of technology, these appliances let the users use them smartly and without any hassle.

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