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The Best Japanese Knotweed Treatment Methods

Controlling knotweed isn’t one of the easiest jobs available. It’s Almost an impossible job. As long as you have the tools and supplies needed in the eradication of noxious weeds, you’re sure to get the job done quickly and easily. So far, there are tons of different methods to control and treat Japanese knotweed. If you want to learn the basic and most effective ways of eradicating this Japanese native weed, then here are some of the most recommended Japanese knotweed treatment methods.

Mechanical Control

Mechanical control of knotweed involves cutting or even digging down the weed to discontinue its existence. This type of wood is quite herbaceous which simply means the stems are easy to cut. If the terrain in which the weed has grown allows it, you’re advised to mow the weed instead. You can use a mower or a motorized trimmer to easily cut down the weed. You shouldn’t cut the weed at the start of summer as this will allow it to grow again in no time. Experts recommend cutting down the weed in the late days of August as it leaves no time for the weed to grow again.

Chemical Control

The chemical control of knotweed often includes using chemical substances to get rid of the weed. It involves the application of the recommended and well-known herbicides and other chemical solutions to the surrounding soil or directly to the plant. While injecting the stem is known to be the most effective way out, it’s quite laborious and may not be ideal for those in the search of simple ways to eliminate knotweed. While professional knotweed elimination companies like employ the method of injecting the weed stems quite often, it’s only used mostly in areas in which spraying is against the law. Based on expert recommendations, the best herbicide application method is through the professional application of foliage. Spraying foliage is known to be a very effective and reliable method of controlling knotweed. However, it requires proper timing, the right equipment, and the perfect herbicides for the process to be a success.

Cultural Control

The cultural control of knotweed involves the use of culture-rich methods to prevent the growth of knotweed. This method entails the use of strategies like the spreading of rhizome pieces deep into the soil in which the weed has grown by the use of excavation equipment. It may also involve covering the surface in which the weed has grown using a strong membrane. When covered underneath a strong groundcover, the weed does not get proper supply of air, whichinhibitsits growth.


By now, you already know the best Japanese knotweed treatment methods that are widely used by professionals and amateurs. All of the listed methods are effective and reliable but requires a certain level of expertise for you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In the event you discover that the Japanese knotweed has been terrorizing your plants, garden or vegetation, you shouldn’t risk it by trying to get the job done yourself. Instead, you should hire an experienced and talented specialist.

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